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About us

Vernise Cardillo (Vee) was born and raised in New York but considers herself to be a woman of the world. She has carried a passion for seeing the world, experiencing its many cultures and connecting with the spirit of its nature ever since she was a little girl staring up into the sky fascinated by airplanes. As soon as she was old enough she began to venture out as a solo traveler taking herself to destinations in the Caribbean and Europe. A nine year career in the television industry allowed her to visit many places mostly in the United States and her own curiosity has taken her to the other side of the world many times. It was around this time when Vee began to experience burn out in her work and a lack of over all fulfillment in her life that led to the discovery of the power of yoga & meditation. A profound retreat to Bali, Indonesia really allowed Vee to connect with herself and her spirit and began to awaken to the importance of living a free, happy, unattached, fulfilled life where she was in control of manifesting her own life experiences. From that moment on Vee took on a zen & holistic approach to wellness and her lifestyle and married this new found revelation with her passion for travel. Then a group trip to Thailand where Vee planned and organized the entire trip for friends led her to realize that she not only has a natural knack for navigating the world…but that ultimately it is her destiny to take people to experience the world. This is what she lives for. A few year later, a calling to Egypt and an encounter with something greater than herself connected Vee with her purpose and the discovery of her personal legend…to help people connect with themselves, the reasons why we exist and the evolution of their consciousness through travel. Vee has come to believe and understand what’s most important in life is the quality of your experiences. Especially in times where we as humans exhaust ourselves being focused on survival means instead of living. We become so accustomed to everything around us and numb to our robotic lifestyle that we miss the signs that tell us life is meant to be enjoyed and we are meant to feel peace, joy and love within in and all around us at all times. This is where travel becomes vital to advancing the quality of your life. To go away…to travel far from your everyday environment…to visit another country and take in the sights, the culture and the energy of the world is healing. It opens you up to greater possibilities of finding yourself and finding what it is that makes your soul happy. And it connects you spiritually to our world and all the beauty it has to offer. Vee has now turned her passions into purpose. She curates and hosts group trips around the world and conjures up itineraries that include ?????? (fun, adventure, culture, zen, spiritual experiences) and most importantly taking people to have these unique peak life experiences together with other like minded travel friends who share a passion and existence to see the world. Locally in New York you can attend a Destination Social where you can meet Vee and her team of Global Goddesses, hear all about upcoming trips and make new travel friends. But no matter where you live in this world, you are always welcomed to meet up with us…globally. Check out our Destination page for details on up coming trips and to follow our journey on social media at Instagram: @veeglobalgoddess